Our Story

Our story begins 2,000 years ago in China where the benefits of cannabis were well documented. Well maybe it’s not where our story begins but the hemp story itself! The modern-day negative connotations associated with cannabis being a mind-altering drug hampered its growth, no pun intended! It has always been a lack of education and stigma.

The distinction between hemp, marijuana, cannabis, CBD, THC is unclear to many, and the terms are often incorrectly used interchangeably. Cannabis is a family of plants. Hemp and marijuana are two different species of plants within that family and hemp and THC are derivative. All having different uses and “effects.” The conflation of all is where the issue lies. Such the reason for hemp being the best kept secret.

Roll forward to December 20, 2018 and the signing of the Agricultural Improvement Act, known as the “Farm Bill,” legalizing the growth of hemp nationally and removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act.

Hemp came out of the closet. All the sudden in conversations with friends’ stories evolved of their usage or friends, siblings or others use and the positive effects. I have always been the skeptic of holistic and non-traditional growing up in a family of medical practitioners.  But seeing the results first-hand both on humans and animals made me a believer. I will always caution by saying different people, different results, no different from medications. So, all require consultation with healthcare providers.

Surrounded by professionals I began on a journey to launch a goal-specific line of hemp products. Our research and development which began with friends around the table exponentially expanded to market wide research. As a senior executive in the products business throughout my career it was always ingrained, “listen to your customers,” “the market tells you right and wrong.”

Once we established the marketing objectives our search began for products that needed to meet our stringent standards. PURITY, QUALITY, TARGETED, REPEATABILITY, TRANSPARENCY.

Today, we offer to you what we believe are the industry’s leading line of purpose-built hemp and nutritional products.

We always welcome your input as we continue to learn and grow.

Rose Cabasso