Classic Italian Dinner Box – All In One Gift Basket – Gourmet Item Package


  • ★ Imported Paparadelle The pepper and eggplant cream made from the finest red bell peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant from under the Italian sun is perfect to serve over pasta. Also wonderful as a spread on bruschettini. Dinner is served! We guarantee you and your recipients satisfaction.
  • ★ Bruschettini is baked in Italy, using age-old artisan recipes and all natural ingredients. Our Bruschettini contain no preservatives or artificial flavors. Bruschetta toasts are baked using only the highest quality olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.
  • ★ This smooth and creamy pate of the finest red bell peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant from under the Italian sun. Perfect as pasta sauce on hot or cold pasta. Wonderful as a spread on crostini or crackers. Ready to go a bag of crunchy bruschetta that can be topped with grilled artichoke halves.
  • ★ Add these lovely grilled artichoke halves to your antipasto platter or to a grilled chicken dish. Grilled with white wine and sunflower oil. These are also delightful with pasta. From appetizer to dessert all the ingredients for a delicious meal are here.
  • ★ The light, crispy wafers and two layers of the smoothest Napolitaner cream filling with exquisite Italian hazelnuts make this Classic Napolitaner the absolute best-seller. This vinegar is a beautiful balance between sweet and tart with an incredibly smooth finish Crunchy wafers filled with a hazelnut cream are a great end to this fabulous meal.